Notary for Translated Document

You need a notary for a translated document or you have a document that’s not in English and need it notarized. That’s okay! Florida Notaries can notarize a document in a foreign language as long as the notarial certificate and document signature are in English and Florida Notary can be a notary for a translated document. The Florida Notary must be able to communicate with the signer to ensure they understand what they are signing. Here’s an example: the document you need to sign is Continue reading →

Need Help Understanding Apostilles And Authentication Certificates

Need help Understanding Apostilles And Authentication Certificates? To get an Apostille in Florida you must go through the Secretary of State in Tallahassee. Good news, we offer service in Tallahassee and can obtain your Apostille for you. We understand getting an Apostille is frustrating and confusing! Often times we get contacting asking us what is an Apostille!! You’ve been told you need one but don’t even know what it is! The National Notary Association recently wrote an article to help explain what an Apostille is. Check Continue reading →

Florida Notary can now accept Veteran’s Medical ID card

Florida Notary can now accept Veteran’s Medical ID card = This is great!! As passed by the 2017 Florida Legislature and signed by Governor Scott on May 9, 2017, a veteran health identification card will be an acceptable form of identification for a Florida notary effective July 1, 2017. As of July 1, 2017, a Veteran’s Medical ID card will be considered an acceptable form of identification for the purpose of notarization in the state of Florida. Florida Chapter 2017-17, House Bill No. 401 will Continue reading →

Florida Marriage License Fee Decrease

Florida Marriage License Fee Decrease!! Getting married in Florida is simple, and now it just got a little less expensive! This week, Governor Scott signed House Bill 1-A.This bill eliminates the “Displaced Homemaker Trust Fund,” of which $7.50 was allocated from the $93.50 marriage license fee.  The bill is effective July 1, 2017. Therefore, effective July 1, 2017, the marriage license application fee will be $86.00.  Please note that the application fee for couples who complete premarital counseling will remain at $61.00 as the $7.50 Continue reading →

Notary for Florida Marriage

You’ve obtained your Florida Marriage License, YAY! But you don’t want a big wedding ceremony or maybe you don’t even want a ceremony at all so now what?! You need to a notary for Florida Marriage. That’s fine with us! A Notary On The Go Palm Harbor and Tallahassee offers a few wedding specials for small weddings and provides notary for Florida Marriage License. Check out our specials here: Tallahassee Wedding Ceremony Specials, #3 at the Waverly Pond Park gazebo is perfect for a small Continue reading →