What is an Apostille? An “apostille” is a form of authentication issued to documents for use in countries that participate in the Hague Convention of 1961. A list of countries that accept apostilles is provided by the US State Department.

The Florida Secretary of State will Apostille or recognize the commission of a Florida notary public or a Florida elected official for the following documents (click her for full Florida Apostille details):

  • Original notarized documents, that have been correctly notarized in English, or that have been certified as true copies by a Florida Notary Public
  • buy isotretinoin online pharmacy School transcripts from FLORIDA public schools and universities that have had the SIGNATURE OF THE SCHOOL REGISTRAR or ISSUING OFFICIAL NOTARIZED AT THE TIME OF ISSUANCE. These documents MAY NOT BE printed and notarized by an individual.
  • Birth, Death and Marriage Certificates bearing the  http://shaansinghprod.com/privacy signature of the  how to pick online dating username State Registrar, who is currently  my company C. Meade Grigg, obtained from the Florida Bureau of Vital Statistics in Jacksonville Florida.
  • Vehicle Titles certified by the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles. 
  • Original certified copies of documents filed with the Division of Corporations or original Certificates of Status bearing the signature of the Secretary of State.
  • Documents certified by a Clerk of Circuit Court from a county within Florida, such as a marriage license or a divorce document bearing the stamp and seal of the Clerk.

Here are the examples of your document needs to be notarized in order for the Department of State to provide an Apostille: http://notaries.dos.state.fl.us/notsam97.html

Certification for Non-Apostille Countries is completed for the same documents listed above with the additional step of an Embassy Legalization for the destination country.

Certification of Federally issued documents must be done by the US Department of State Apsotille Section in Washington, DC


  •  Florida Apostille documents must be submitted with original signatures; a photocopy of an original cannot be authenticated.
  • The Florida Department of State cannot apostille or issue notarial certification for any document(s) that is/are issued by anyone other than a Florida notary public or elected or appointed official. Federal documents must be processed by the United States Department of State.


The Florida Apostille and Authentication processes is confuses and we can help with our Florida Apostille Service! Notarial or Apostille Certification for Authentication by The Florida Secretary of State can be handle by us directly in Tallahassee.

With our Florida Apostille Service:

  • If your documents are properly notarized, and you cannot travel to Tallahassee, FL to file your Apostille, we can arrange to file them for you at the Department of State in Tallahassee, FL
  • If your Apostille paperwork is not notarized by a Florida Notary Public, we can have a Florida notary  meet you anywhere in the state of Florida to complete your Apostille notarization properly. We can then arrange to have it filed at the Department of State in Tallahassee and returned to you (or the location you need).
  • We can help you obtain Authentication of your official document(s) issued with-in the State of Florida via LOCAL Tallahassee Florida Apostille Service.
  • Spanish Notary for Apostille in Dunedin and Clearwater area.


Contact Amanda at 850-322-0911 for more information on Tallahassee Florida Apostille service.

If you need to speak with someone in Spanish in the Clearwater/Tampa area we can arrange for you to meet George Jr. to have your Florida Apostille documents properly notarized. Then we can have your Florida Apostille filed in Tallahassee.