Is A Notary On The Go all you do?

//Is A Notary On The Go all you do?

Is A Notary On The Go all you do?

Is A Notary On the Go all you do? You’re just a notary?!

Palm Harbor A Notary On The Go and A Notary On The Go Tallahassee gets asked this all of the time! Without going into our typical day, we politely, answer yes. So this is what we do all day:

8:00 AM first closing refinance appointment with fax backs

9:00 AM back to my office do fax backs and prepare for 11:00 am purchase closing. Get a call to drop by a hospital to do a power of attorney on my way to closing at 10:15 am.

11:00 AM purchase closing. Get contacted that they have revised documents. Call Realtor and ask if we can print revised documents.  A challenging closing with first time home buyers.

1:00 PM return to my office. Have a few moments to answer a few of the at least 15 e-mails that came in in course of the day, and prepare vows for wedding this evening.

3:00 PM refinance closing

4:00 PM back at office. Updating calendar with appointments that have come in during the day, and finish responding to e-mails.  Prepare documents for closing after wedding

6:00 PM wedding at the beach

7:30 PM refinance closing

Had 32 e-mails today. 6 new appointments to add to my calendar, wedding vows for the coming weekend to prepare and make responses to. So yeah we might be “just a notary” and this is “all we do all day.” But we HUSTLE for you because we know your documents are important and timely. And in addition to being full-time notary signing agents we have families, kids, pets, and many other obligations.

P.S. Wonder why we are so tired at the end of the day? HAH!


Is A Notary On The Go all you do? We get asked this all the time and we think to ourselves LOL NOPE we run around all day like CRAZY people. HAHA!


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